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If You Can’t Pay Your Bills: Stay Calm And Don’t Panic

If you have managed to get behind with your bills and are struggling to pay them, it’s easy to panic. It’s scary when you don’t have enough money in your bank account to cover your bills, but the worst thing that you can do is panic.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that by ripping up your bills and final statements that you can get away with not paying them because you can’t. Burying your head in the sand might seem like a good way to deal with things, but it’s not. Pretending that you aren’t behind with your bills will only make things worse – you could even end up facing legal action.


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To help you deal with the situation and get on top of your bills, we have put together some useful advice, below:

Add up your debts

Take a deep breath, this is the scary part. Sit down and work out the overall amount that you owe – this should include all overdue bills and payments. Yes, it might be scary, but it’s important that you know how much you owe.

You will find that once you know the overall amount of money that you owe, that you will feel a little calmer. Yes, it might be a large amount, but at least you know how much it is and can start getting on top of things.

Get in touch with each company

Once you know how much you owe, the next step is to get in touch with the companies that you owe money to. You might think that you will end up getting shouted at by the companies that you owe money to, but that isn’t the case.

If you call each company and explain that you have fallen behind with your bills and want to find a way to get on top of them, they should be understanding. Most bills companies can offer you a payment plan to help you get back on top of your bills. This a good option, as you can pay everything that you owe, off slowly.

Get a loan

If there is a bill that has to be paid immediately, then you may be panicking about it. If you are unable to set up a payment plan for it, the next best thing is to get a loan. This might seem counter-productive, but if it helps you to get your bills under control, it’s a good step to take.

Don’t opt for a payday loan, as you won’t have enough time to pay it off. Instead, go for a loan that gives you 60 days to pay it back, such as a CaptainCash loan. By getting a loan that you have time to pay off, you can get on top of your bills and then start paying your loan off.

Make payments on time

Once you have got your bills under control, ensure that you always make your payments on time. If you are unable to meet a repayment deadline, make sure to contact the billing company as soon as you can, to discuss it with them.

Remember, when it comes to your bills, if you get behind with them, don’t bury your head in the sand. Always try to deal with any financial problems as soon as you can, as otherwise, they will only get worse.

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